animation kicks my ass...

so yeah. this post would have be for my in out animation and i would have posted it and you would have enjoyed... but it sucks. it sucks real bad. so instead here is my animatic for my lip sync which will be animated next semester.

the sound is a little bit crappy but you get the point.


this week has been a hard one. this last week i have probably only had 3 hours of sleep each night. Now that the in out is done i can finally sleep a little better. but on a happier note i believe my DFA painting is gonna come out good. my teacher is awesome and has been helping me out a lot. his suggestions have been really good too. anyways here it is. this is my really, really, really, rough color study.

i can't wait to come home.


Jim said...

Can't wait to hang out. Your crap looks good to me. <3

Gigi said...

thanks! we are totally gonna be hang out buddies because the other hang out buddies are gone. and i like you to be my hang out buddy and we can play the new smash bros together and hang out buddies.

Citygrrrrl said...

soooo much in this piece. i love the fact that you put the three little birdies that are in the piece you drew me on a telephone wire waaaay in the background.

and how about the colors of the bricks behind the girl in the window... those would be good house colors!

send me your in-out animation. i want to see it!

Alex "Alex Hochner" Hochner said...

omg liek soooo cooL!2
I dig, I dig. There's so much texture and character. It looks like someone painted it on the side of a train or a metal wall in the alleyway of a warehouse.

Come home soon. I mean, goddamn.

Len said...

This is clearly quite cool. Swings are so romantic... I love how everything is glowing - it gives this such a brightness, but the way an arcade is bright even though the room is dark, but cuz everything’s glowing... okay, that didn’t go so well. But I like this. Can I get some recognizable Pilly skyline? (But no Comcast Building.) (Yet.)

root said...

doood i want that painting in my belly. or on a wall somewhere. or on the walls of my belly!

im at tea all lone your momma came in earlier we chatted jessica is home icing her leg cuz it hurts. tea shop misses youuu!