having fun drawing italian stereotypes

joe pesci in raging bull. eh! forgettabouit


Razor Ramon

My boyfriend told me to draw guys from WWE because he is obsessed with it. 

I asked him who to draw. 

He said Razor Ramon. 

So I drew Razor Ramon. 

The end.


30 minute speed painting

of my beloved asbury park in new jersey. 

i love the jersey shore.



i never posted this odd little man. 
he is so weird... but i have a every deep love of monsters. 



learn all about how my grumpy princess made it into record run! 

check it out!


Record Run!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in awhile. I have been super busy at work being a concept lead on an exciting new mobile game called Record Run! Check it out!

I just had the super privilege of being interview for the game where you can read through my thought and process work and get a little more insight to the characters. 

You can check it out here...

or if you are to lazy you can just look at it right here...

some early rough concepts for the punk's groove and normal state.
painting/character test
painting/character test
final design painted othro front

final design painted othro back.


it's aquamans

hi aquamans. 

i made a comic.

 based on a true story that happened not too long ago… maybe like a couple of minutes ago..


sketch dailies

i'm trying this whole new sketch daily thing! I am hoping to keep up with all the other talented artist who post there. you can catch up with the action here....

and here is my first addition! 

also i have a twitter


also i have no idea how to use twitter.

also i'm working on a really exciting project at work.

also i wish i had more bagel