Record Run!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in awhile. I have been super busy at work being a concept lead on an exciting new mobile game called Record Run! Check it out!

I just had the super privilege of being interview for the game where you can read through my thought and process work and get a little more insight to the characters. 

You can check it out here...

or if you are to lazy you can just look at it right here...

some early rough concepts for the punk's groove and normal state.
painting/character test
painting/character test
final design painted othro front

final design painted othro back.


Phil Spehar said...

I love these! It's great to see a unique style used for game!

Gigi said...

Thanks Phil! Yeah games are just getting more and more creative and unique. I love it so much, games really do embrace unique art styles and I am so glad to be apart of it! ALSO YOUR WORK IS AMAZING!!! thank you for the love.