Lighting Piece

Ahh... oh man. this piece really makes me miss home. If any of you philly children can guess where this is I will buy you dinner. Seriously.

I decided to do a lighting piece/environment. Just playing with colors and focus points. I have been busy with my internship, so I mainly get to paint a little on the weekends. It is nice. I hope that I can start something else soon. For all those who don't know I am in San Francisco right now, interning at Pixar. I have met some AMAZING people, from other interns to people that have been working there for a long time. everyone is so humble and caring and super super talented. Pixar really cares about the level of work and their image. it is super intimidating!

I now am addicted to "this american life". everyone should listen to that. it makes you look at every stranger you see in a different light. it makes you realize that everyone has a story. that there are 6 billion stories in the world. that to me is amazing. makes me curious, wide eyed. i dunno. maybe it is just me.

the whole point of this blog post is this. pixar is awesome, this american life is awesome and San Francisco is cold.


Robert said...

I've become addicted to This American Life too!!!

Jim Kauterman said...


It's good to hear from you about your adventures.

citygrrrl said...

nice work!!! lots of depth.

the spot looks like an alley off of passyunk below ellsworth. but it could be anywhere. northern libs, kensington, etc.

miss you!

Jim Kauterman said...

Personally, I think it looks like one of those dumpy streets behind CAPA.

Stevie Ray said...

Why are you so amazing? Why? How? :)

yezix said...

Oh man I love This American Life! I always listen to it in the labs pretending I am getting some form of human interaction. It's great though, it kinda puts things in perspective; that animation and art isn't everything.

Gabriele Pasqualino said...

love this one :D