it's aquamans

hi aquamans. 

i made a comic.

 based on a true story that happened not too long ago… maybe like a couple of minutes ago..


sketch dailies

i'm trying this whole new sketch daily thing! I am hoping to keep up with all the other talented artist who post there. you can catch up with the action here....

and here is my first addition! 

also i have a twitter


also i have no idea how to use twitter.

also i'm working on a really exciting project at work.

also i wish i had more bagel


boston townie

it was only a matter of time before I drew you. 


wolf and coyotes

full warning... these might be a little game of thrones inspired. dire wolves.... i want one.

i like them the best when they are next to each other. 


broken gigi

i brokeededed myself a lot as a kid.


happy (belated) national sibling day

Happy National Sibling Day

This goes out to all those only children out there, that made the best out of a pretty lame situation. Toys saved my life.... especially my dinosaurs and barbies. 


people watching part 2

only got this odd hipster fellow...

and the women who I want to be when I grow up.


the mountain and the moon

There is a mountain out there who is in love with the moon.